About us?

At Alta Perfumería we are proud to introduce you to the wonderful world of niche perfumery.


What exactly is niche perfumery and why should you care?

Niche perfumery refers to an exclusive and select sector within the perfumery industry, where fragrances are created with an artisanal approach and meticulous attention to every detail. These are unique creations, different from the commercial and mass fragrances commonly found on the market.

Who are we?

Alta Perfumería is conceived as a means to materialize a luxurious and suitable environment, aimed at the niche fragrance universe. We position ourselves as pioneers and exclusive leaders in the promotion of this category for Latin America, presenting a scenario without parallel in Panama, known as the hub of the Americas. This vision is materialized in the most distinguished boutique worldwide, representing the most precious jewel in this very exclusive segment. Our experience, both physical and sensorial, focuses on the sense of smell and exquisiteness, designed to transport you on an unparalleled journey. We invite you to discover the essence of your being through the magic of perfume.