500 Years

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For twelve years, Etat Libre d'Orange has celebrated enlightenment through the awareness of beauty, goodness, sensitivity and intelligence. Our house has welcomed humanity in all its forms, as long as they seek to contribute to The Perspective, the Renaissance concept of three dimensions in art that allowed for more realistic and profound representations. And this perspective can be interpreted as extending beyond the paintings.
Five hundred years ago, merchants confronted the two established orders: the Reds (priests) and the Blacks (soldiers). They created a third path, clean of dictates, for the proliferation of the arts – and perfume. Etat Libre d'Orange honors the sons and daughters of the Renaissance by offering a trace of intuition and alliance for your skin.

Top notes: bergamot, Pure Jungle Essence™ cardamom, saffron
Heart notes: Turkish rose absolute, oud, burbon geranium
Base notes: amber woods, patchouli, suede

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