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A beautiful, fascinating, sophisticated, regal woman... and truly lethal, like the fragrance that bears her name. When we conjure up an image of Lucrezia, her figure becomes blurred. It is such a universal and powerful character that it fills every corner with its reverberant force, just as this fragrance evolves in its compelling bouquet. Precious flowers with a hypnotic aroma, so persuasive and exotic as to create the unique appeal of mystery and charm, so ruthlessly lethal and dangerous. The perfume is mixed like a secret deadly potion and, like a true femme fatale, it attracts and enchants, and once you are under its spell, you are captured and captivated forever with no possibility of escape. It opens with a subtle and seductive top note, its sweet harmony conferred by juicy pear and lime blossom, with a counterpoint of pink pepper and petitgrain. The heady vigor of the flowers has set its death trap, so there is no escape from Arabian jasmine embraced by the powerful notes of wild jasmine, with suggestive hints of coffee and cocoa powder, magically spiced by the exquisite and rare cloves of Zanzibar. The magic potion is underpinned by a compelling blend of exotic woods such as patchouli and cedar, intertwined with the enticing sweet notes of Sumatran benzoin resin and Madagascar vanilla. An aroma of hypnotic power and sensual, exciting beauty.

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