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The beautiful goddess represents the wild and uncontrollable power of love, passion and seduction, capable of uniting and embracing elements of opposite natures, man and woman, strength and kindness, passion and sweetness. It is capable of enchanting and leading hearts to the most unbridled and unspeakable feelings. Camped around a large bonfire, on the plateau next to the ruins of Paphos, where Aphrodite first appeared, we found ourselves facing a crystalline blue sea, surrounded by the persuasive aromas and intoxicating perfumes of an exuberant and wild nature, as seductive and intoxicating as the beautiful Aphrodite herself. Our minds are stunned by so much wonder and our senses are transported away in ecstasy, to the lively sound of the wood crackling in the fire.

The creation opens with a spicy floral aroma, with a hypnotic touch of mystery. Lilac blossoms embrace pink peppercorns and then gently settle into the strong sweetness of vanilla berries, emphasized by white peach and white currants. This immediate and fascinating bouquet leads directly to the depths of the inner being. Rediscover an ancestral and primal force founded on the opulence of magical and bewitching flowers such as tuberose absolute, in counterpoint with neroli and iris, and in turn sweetened by lily of the valley and geranium that surround the precious seductive pheromone. A weapon as subtle as it is powerful, capable of ruling the hearts of those around us. The aroma is rooted in a solid base of woods where patchouli stands out as a powerful aphrodisiac and ebony, softened by the delicacy of sandalwood and white musk, is emphasized with the sweaty note of ambergris that emanates a powerful pheromone of love. .

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