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This perfume is dedicated to Guglielmo, the founder and pillar of our artisanal perfumery, who from generation to generation continues his journey in search of wonders. It is the most noble and timeless fragrance in the collection. The most magical and powerful essence in the reverberation of your memory. When we were children, its aroma resonated in the air, its strong presence announced holidays and the euphoria of celebrations. The powerful calm of her hand as she led us safely around the bright kitchen fire with cakes and sweets or the crackling focarina campfire in the woods. A perfume that speaks of a brilliant love, of a reassuring tenderness, of a joyful night that heralds the greatest celebration in the world: that of life. An excerpt dedicated to those who like to distinguish themselves with a discreet but defined style, unique but elegant, powerful but not egocentric. A perfume that opens with rich harmonies of citrus fruits from the sunniest Italian orchards. Tangerine and bergamot thus mix with Sicilian oranges, providing a subtle freshness to timeless elegance, because beauty does not derive from fashion but from style. Citrus notes rest on a base of sweet fruits, such as pineapple, and charming, sweetly scented flowers such as jasmine, violet and rose, resonated strongly by the unique strength of amber. The stylistic construction rests gracefully on a base note of precious woods such as sandalwood and white oud, sweetened and emphasized by the vertical depth of musk. A perfume that has been used throughout the history of Italian luxury artistic perfumery, reinterpreted by artisanal skill and by the love that only unique products, carefully and slowly created one by one by hand, can give only to those who are sensitive enough to appreciate them. A limited collection offered only to those who truly have the elective affinity to understand the timeless value of beauty and highly sophisticated elegance, forever contained in the simplicity of a drop of liquid emotion.

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