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When we were children, during the hot, sunny days of summer, Tiziana and I spent most of our time with our grandfather in the countryside. He filled our days with magical stories, teaching us the wonders of the world. Our father, Evelino, often accompanied us on vacation trips with his sailboat made entirely of fragrant wood. We sailed the seas in this boat, with bright eyes and a desire for new discoveries, knowing the infinite beauty of Italy that we loved. Just a few miles from our city, there is an enchanted mountain that throws itself into the sea, creating a breathtaking scene: Mount Conero. The rocks and forests are reflected in the crystal clear waters of one of the most beautiful bays in Italy, protected by two peaks, the Two Sisters, which were thrown into the sea by the gods. We set off in the middle of the night accompanied by soft breezes that carried with them the cheerful aroma of Mediterranean vegetation throughout the trip. Our father oriented himself by the stars, while our grandfather Guglielmo pointed out the constellation of Orion and its mythical belt. Sometimes we saw fire on dry land and bonfires that revealed dangers to the sailors. Our hearts were met with an explosion of aromas carried by the warm summer winds that still resonate with us today. Orion is the result of that distant echo. It is a spicy and intense perfume, strong but delicate at the same time. The bouquet of citrus makes it effervescent, in contrast to the sweetness of the pineapple and the roundness of the apple, all of which leads to its bright trail of spicy balance composed of thyme and oregano. A fresh breeze surrounds you when you use it, and a reminder of the select wood accompanies you on a dreamlike journey towards the Infinite.

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