Noble Collection VIII Magnolia Feminine 50ml

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Discovered in the East and appreciated during the Rococo period for its aphrodisiac attributes, the graceful and whimsical magnolia comes to life in this perfume, adorned with the sweet symphony of black currant and tea rose. As this aromatic dance unfolds, it reveals the enigmatic embrace of tuberose, seaweed and elusive oakmoss among the complexity of 223 ingredients. Robust and vibrant blackcurrant provides a tropical and fruity essence. Derived from the leaf buds of black currant, black currant bud absolute comes from France in its purest form. Native to South Asia, Magnolia alba exhales its intoxicating fragrance through the meticulous process of steam distillation, capturing its intoxicating spell in every drop. Oakmoss is wild-harvested in the lush forests of Macedonia, a meticulous enterprise undertaken by expert foragers who ascend the trees to hand-select this prized botanical treasure.

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