Noble Collection XXI Art Deco Amberwood 50ml

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An exquisite, almost translucent amber takes center stage, elevated by the opulence of rich woods and invigorated by the fresh notes of sage and bergamot. A subtle infusion of tonka bean and tobacco brings a comforting warmth to the base of this captivating fragrance with a complexity of 145 ingredients. The essence of angelica seed, reflected in its vibrant yellow-green hue, unfolds as a complex aroma, blending musky green woods with a subtle touch of sweet spice. A comforting embrace of warm, earthy wood melds harmoniously with a subtle gray amber, infusing the fragrance with a soft, calming touch. Woody fragrances, known for their depth and longevity, find their strength nestled in the heart and base of a perfume. Sage contributes fresh, green accents with a touch of pepper and a subtle sweet balsamic undertone, giving a unique aromatic and refreshing character that extends gracefully from the top notes to the base, ensuring a comforting freshness at all times.

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