Original Collection No1 Femenine 50ml

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Discover Clive Christian's masterpiece, a timeless tribute to the finest ingredients in perfumery. No1 is a fragrant symphony celebrating rare and exotic botanicals, earning its name as a true masterpiece, with a complexity of 248 components. This amber floral creation opens with a burst of fruity brilliance, with notes of mirabelle plum, white peach and bergamot. As it unwraps, delicate layers of jasmine, carnation and rose gracefully reveal themselves. The base of the perfume is a precious blend of musks and Madagascar vanilla, creating a divine and lasting impression. The heart of this fragrance is a succulent fusion of plum, white peach, lemon and tangerine, with hints of iris and pepper oil adding depth and sensuality. Ylang-ylang, famous as an aphrodisiac in East Asia, is carefully harvested before dawn, capturing its full potency and combining it with the radiant beauty of iris, rose and vintage carnation. Finally, this enchanting fragrance settles into a warm embrace of Madagascar vanilla, enveloping the floral notes in a rich cream infused with musk, amber and the softness of tonka bean. No1 by Clive Christian is an olfactory masterpiece like no other, a true testament to the art of perfumery.

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