Original Collection No1 Masculine 50ml

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Clive Christian's masterpiece, No1, is a harmonious fusion of 222 rare and precious ingredients from around the world, capturing the essence of refined perfumery. This majestic woody amber fragrance opens with lively pepper and sparkling lime, revealing an exotic floral and spicy heart that evolves into a base of vetiver and tonka bean. The culminating touch is a 50-year-old, velvety sandalwood, which adds a distinctive touch to this exquisite perfume. Herbaceous notes of thyme gently toast under golden flames of nutmeg, evoking the spirit of the East while hinting at England's rustic past. Cardamom, nutmeg, capsicum and artemisia oil create a potent elixir that complements the citrus notes of bergamot, lime, Sicilian mandarin and pink grapefruit, giving the fragrance a refreshing heart. A soft tonka bean base is enriched with the deep, opulent textures of golden amber, sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla, culminating in a silky alabaster finish delicately touched by a musk mist. No1 really lives up to its name.

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