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Experience the allure of natural aphrodisiacs in a captivating perfume that pays tribute to the legendary love of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. This seductive fragrance, with a complexity of 187, is enriched with the essence of Egyptian jasmine, channeling the passion of this iconic couple. Mystique weaves through this floral chypre, where flirtatious notes of peach and rhubarb mingle gracefully in the lush embrace of tuberose, kissed with a hint of sweet rum. A fragrant love story unfolds, guided by the harmonious interplay of cashmere musk and jasmine. The perfumer skillfully combines tinctures of rhubarb and peach with the vibrant accents of mandarin and bergamot. Jasmine, an ancient symbol of grace and elegance, is harvested before dawn and blends harmoniously with rose, iris, narcissus, lily of the valley and tuberose, taking the senses to the heart of the Nile Delta. Enjoy the warmth of vanilla and cashmere musk, creating a sweet and voluptuous breeze that stirs the earthy nuances of patchouli, rum and sandalwood. Discover a fragrance that captures the essence of an eternal love story, in a bottle.

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