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This creation is inspired by the sailing trip around the Cyclades islands of the Greek archipelago and its bouquet contains all the colors and flavors of the most genuine and southern Mediterranean. The essence of summer, without a care in the world, and full of intoxicating aromas carried to the area by the "Meltemi" (typical wind of these latitudes), with its warm and sensual embrace, is magically contained in this fragrance inspired by uncontaminated beauty. and ancient of the Mediterranean. The strong aroma of coffee, made in an old "moka" (typical coffee machine), wafts through the crisp morning air, penetrated by the iridescent light reflected off the sea. The gaze immediately rushes towards that infinite blue, framed by plants and flowers with a strong aroma, made even sweeter and softer by the distant reverberation of the aromas of honey and sweet amber resin. Precious essences jealously guarded in ultra-fine glass bottles, which recall the ancient splendors of the island, still present in the form of its famous ruins of the temples of Apollo where Ulysses landed during his epic adventures. The hypnotic force of white hyacinth, combined with the opulence of royal iris and ecstatic rose, surrenders to the embrace of sweet myrrh and roasted coffee, on a fine base of notes of amber and cypress, softened by touches of honey. The entire combination is enhanced by the strong aroma of Lebanese cedar wood. How wonderful it is to wake up, enveloped in the wonder of discovery, rereading our past to see a clearer reflection of our future!

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