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This creation is inspired by the great artist and painter Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, nicknamed the Guercino, who was a tireless creator of works of art and always sought personal improvement and progression. Because of these extraordinary talents, he was hired by the Malatesta family to paint at court under the patronage of Sigismondo. There is a wonderful quote from the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his famous book 'Journey to Italy' in which he describes Guercino with these splendid words, which encapsulate his essence and which then resonate fully in the creation dedicated to him, in this bottle with its soft ivory color and the tranquility and light grandeur of its unforgettable and surprising efiluvio. "Guercino is an intimately prosaic and virile painter, without any harshness; in fact, his works are distinguished by a soft moral grace, by a calm and free grandeur, and by a special quality that allows the newly trained eye to recognize them at first sight. The lightness, purity and perfection of his brushwork are astonishing. He uses particularly beautiful colors for the cloths, with half-shades of reddish brown, which harmonize very well with the blue he favors" (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Trip to Italy). The creation opens with a bouquet of bubbly and graceful citrus fruits, where the dominant notes of Amalfi Lemon and Reggio Calabria Bergamot resonate, emphasized by the strength of Scalea Cedar embraced by the combination of Bitter Orange and Brazilian Orange. This hesperid head is slightly immersed in a heart of sweet and succulent fruits, paired with flowers with a seductive and sensual aroma. Here is the Green Apple of the Dolomites with the determined pear of Romagna, which are enveloped by Heliotrope and Frangipani, to be in turn enveloped by the sweet freshness of the Persian Melon. A heart so unexpected and big, so innovative and revolutionary that it takes a long time to be fully understood, and only experienced noses can penetrate the folds of its uniqueness, just like the art of Guercino, cited by Goethe. The base, to match its revolutionary and unique heart, in turn expresses an acrobatic balance of harmonic and dissonant elements in unity, where we can admire the power of the Jamaican Amyris embraced by the balsamic freshness of the White Fir, counterpointed by the Patchouli of the India, then pushed into a sensual and aphrodisiac vertigo unleashed by the famous magic drop jealously and secretly kept in the Terenzi Library, composed of Ambergris, Musk and Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar. This fragrance shines crystalline and graceful, through the echoes of purity and seduction, taking us to a wonderful and irresistible wonder.

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